PORTRAIT - MAYA - Somewhere between Mexico, Israel and Japan

You may recall our interview with the French-Japanese Sabine and daughter Lea in Shanghai and their tale of rock' n roll expatriation. Maya is Sabine's oldest daughter and a larger-than-life character. A cultural explorer with no fixed-abode, who thrives on authentic encounters, learning languages in the unlikeliest settings and, above all, discovering local cuisines. We were lucky to catch her on her stop-over in Shanghai after a few weeks in Japan and ahead of a mother & daughter trip to Kerala in India.

PORTRAIT - SABINE & LEA, Shanghai, China

Rich family tapestry and rock'n roll expatriation.

Sabine is an academic that I met in Shanghai and with whom I collaborated. I am fascinated by her youthfulness and refreshing world views. Sabine and her two daughters Lea and Maya are totally at ease in the world, which they explore with utter openness and empathy. I was lucky to catch up with Sabine, as her younger daughter Lea was visiting Shanghai for the holidays. Lea was about to relocate to Hong Kong, from Montreal. We met on a rainy Shanghai evening in the Former French Concession.