Are Chinese travellers the most important demographic in the world ?

200 millions Chinese people will travel the world in 2018 and a projected 400 millions by 2030, representing more than the total population of the USA. Forget your own prejudices and discover the innate curiosity and worldliness of this new breed of independent travellers from China.


'Mingnimalism', Chinese design reinvented

China led the world in aesthetics centuries ago and is rediscovering its heritage.  Discover how China invented Minimalism and how it is being reinvented today in architecture, fashion and interiors.

A modern tea house in Hangzhou

A modern tea house in Hangzhou

Why there is a thriving Coffee culture in Shanghai

Discover what makes Shanghai a legitimate coffee capital and how coffee carved a strong and growing niche for itself in the tea-drinking empire. I had a  chat with Anna from "Shanghai Coffee Daily" about the  local coffee scene.